What is the
QuatroBus Web System?

It is a complete and comprehensive digital tool, hosted in the cloud and designed to adapt to the needs of your operations.

Extensive functionalities
Extensive functionalities

Varied and configurable functionalities according to your needs for faster and more efficient daily operations

No installation
No installation

Access from any device with internet and Google Chrome. It's simple and practical!


Dynamic and easy-to-use platform, compatible with any device (mobile, tablet or computer)

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Get to know our 6 Modules

Management and tickets sale

Streamline your ticket sales processes


  • Book and modify multiple tickets
  • Avoid long lines with Express Sales in high seasons
  • Facilitates the availability of routes and seats in real time


  • Functional at point of sale
  • E-tickets sent by mail
  • SMS travel reminders

Cargo and parcel management

Simplify registration, control and cargo management


  • Simplifies the registration and payment of parcels
  • Streamlines the boarding and disembarkation process
  • Track orders and their delivery statuses


  • Functional for price management by rate, volume, weight and more
  • Generate manifests and electronic submission guides
  • Cargo identification by QR, series and correlative

Administrative management

Optimize the management of your company in real time


  • Manage all your offices and terminals
  • Control and manage your internal processes
  • Offer a loyalty program to your customers


  • Functional to modify sketches of buses, routes and prices
  • Create users with roles for your team
  • Sort and integrate documents by serial and correlative numbers

Report Management

Improve your decision making with comprehensive reports


  • Monitor sales by user, office and trip type
  • Facilitates the box closing process
  • Analyze seat occupancy and revenue per route


  • Import documents declared in electronic billing
  • Create passenger and parcel manifests
  • Access to consolidated sales

Baggage Management

Streamline baggage screening from start to finish


  • Simplifies the registration and control of luggage weight
  • Optimize management and charging for excess baggage
  • Minimizes the risk of misplaced or lost luggage


  • Labeling for identification and boarding and disembarkation process
  • Barcode based tracking system

Electronic Billing

Save time by sending proof of payment


  • List of all receipts issued by the company
  • Easy query and search navigation
  • Integrates documents from the different modules of the system


  • Direct link with your country's tax collection portal
  • Auto Send
  • Reports available from the online electronic billing module
Management and tickets sale

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